The Aloe Valley Meander is situated in the eastern part of the Crocodile River Reserve.  

The Reserve straddles three major rivers - the Jukskei, Hennops and Crocodile Rivers; the rugged Schurveberg Mountain marks the northern reaches, and the iconic Renosterskop stands sentinel in the North West.  A bustling urban frill lies south and east, making this scenic natural environment the nearest escape to the country.

Enjoy the recreation and tourist activities through any one of the many venues, or participate in regular themed walks lead by specialist guides. Gauteng is heavily urbanised and industrialised, and its ecosystems are losing vital aspects of their composition and functioning.
Ecosystems are compromised in the ability to deliver essential services such as water filtration and collection, soil formation, climate regulation, air purification and reduction of risk associated with natural disasters.
The amenity value of open space and scenic beauty increases as the urban areas expand. Vast areas of urban sprawl not only erode the available open space, but the absence of planning often results in insufficient green or open space for residents to enjoy.

Conservation on private land, and specifically in areas where the environment is largely intact, is vital to the health and well-being of more than the local residents.
The conservation of the environment protects the ecosystem, and allows the vital natural infrastructure to continue delivering the ecosystem services which benefit people far beyond the physical location of the conservation area.