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Hi! I'm Karen Foster (nee Dalton) and I'd like to share my simple, no-nonsense way of making fresh yoghurt at home, whether you are Banting, trying to eat healthily and avoid all those hidden sugars, setting agents and preservatives found in commercial yoghurt, or just love trying something new.

We have created a DIY kit, available through our online shop, that not only looks good in your kitchen, but also has no need for thermometers or fancy gadgets and is so simple that even your kids can do it!

We will keep adding new recipes which will include the option of cooking the conventional way, or show you how to adapt and substituted ingredients to be compatible with a LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) approach to eating; AKA Banting.

We are also producing home-made kombucha. Also known as the ‘elixir of life’, kombucha is a fermented tea which has been around for centuries and is known to aid digestion, energise the mind and help reverse the symptoms of many ailments. We will also share our tips on brewing and flavouring kombucha. Kombucha is currently sold through the Twiga Deli located at the Skyview Garage on the R511.


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Foster and Dalton
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