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Get listed today.  Join the Aloe Valley Business Forum.  On receipt of your membership fee and web marketing material your business will be displayed on this website. 

Web marketing material includes - 

  •   A clear, print quality logo of your business
  •   3 to 5 photographs which exemplify your business.  Each photograph should be at least 1200px wide.
  •   A concise, short description of your business in 45 words or less. 
  •   A more detailed description of your business. 

 Download the membership application form here.   The mailing address for the web marketing material is provided on the form.


Business Forum

The Aloe Valley Business Forum was formed on 26 February 2015.  The objectives of the Business Forum are to - 

Promote and collectively market the Aloe Valley Meander
To ensure economic advantage to all members and residents through collaborative efforts and projects
To ensure that all tourism and business initiatives are aligned with the objectives of the Crocodile River Reserve, being - 

To develop a culture and practice of Biodiversity Stewardship for the area being “the wise use, management and protection of land by landowners to ensure that natural systems are maintained and enhanced for present and future generations”.
To promote the long term sustainability of the initiative by establishing initiatives aimed at developing sustainable employment for local communities

Who may participate?

Any business, whether a one-person fledgling business or a large well-established concern. 

Your business must be located along the route indicated on the map OR be on an arterial road which connects - e.g. Gemstone Road, Bodley Road, Lazy River Road.  The forum catchment does not include urban settings e.g. Erasmia or Gerhardsville.  

Your business must also be fully compliant with the City of Tshwane's Spatial Development Framework and Planning.   The focus is on tourism, recreation and support services to local residents. The forum excludes business of an industrial nature or connected to a noxious industry.

*If your business is inside the Crocodile River Reserve, but not along the routes indicated, please list your business on Crocodile River Reserve



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Map produced in GoogleMaps as an interim representation of the forum's catchment.




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